A satisfied client to Richard Rogowski:


“Wanted to take a moment to describe the enjoyable and successful experience I had with Richard Rogowski representing me as a buyer’s agent. While I was familiar with the Fort Lauderdale area as an out-of-towner, Richard provided a tremendous amount of assistance in filling in the gaps … showing me be both a variety of housing options, as well as providing background on the pros and cons of various neighborhoods and surrounding communities. In addition, though my needs were rather specific and somewhat original, Richard worked endlessly to explore opportunities until a suitable property fit was found. Further, he has access to an extended professional network of first-rate service providers that proved valuable in assisting with related aspects of the purchase, facilitating the process overall. Richard is professional, articulate, and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to use his services again when needed.”


Jim Post - Chicago, IL - November, 2015

A satisfied client to Richard Rogowski:


"Richard Rogowski was a superlative realtor who guided us through the arduous task of selling our property in NY and in handling every detail for buying our dream house in FL. Not only did he look at properties which met our criteria and price point, but took the time to find ones that meshed with our personalities. He really got to know us as individuals and his daily communication, even when he was on vacation, and professional guidance has resulted in very happy couple settling in to the perfect home for our retirement years. We couldn't be happier and would most strongly recommend Richard, as well as the entire team of the Gary Lanham Group at Coldwell Banker.”


- James Fetterman & Ildefonso Gonzalez-Rivera, New York, NY

A satisfied client to Richard Rogowski:


"Richard Rogowski - real estate agent at Coldwell Baker (Gary Lanham Group) - was over the top!  Very, very professional.  Great email and phone follow up.  Always on time for appointments.  Gave great directions on how to get to places when he did not pick us up.  Richard was nice and a lot of fun to work with over our four month adventure in buying our perfect Florida home.  He never rushed us, but was always good at probing for our exact wants and desires so he could focus and narrow our search.  Richard is very well networked and provided us with a FABULOUS mortgage broker to get pre-approved and final approved.   He had wonderful insurance agents and home inspectors who were all top notch and professional.  None of this typical "Florida" relaxed attitude - all very professional and on top of their game - even by North Eastern big city standards!  Also, Richard worked with us to actually submit a bid on a Sunday afternoon with a house that had several bids.  We did it all electronically!  Love the Internet.  All our contracts we signed electronically and it was so efficient.  He is up on his technology!  You cannot go wrong with Richard.  We would recommend him to anyone!  Thanks, Richard!


 - Jack Armstrong & Jean-Francois Chenevas-Paule, Fort Lauderdale FL - September 2015

A Satisfied Client to Richard Rogowski:


"We recently purchased an investment property using the Gary Lanham Group located on North Ocean Blvd. Richard Rogowski was our agent. What was unique about this transaction is that the property was purchased site unseen until 3h before closing when we did the walk through. The only eyes that saw the property and recommended it to us before the walk through was our agent Richard.


Richard also arranged all the contacts for financing and closing. All we had to do was comply with various requests from the financing and closing entities (Sunbelt Lending and Title) and show up for closing. This takes a lot of trust and Richard earned it. As well, Richard went out of his way to coordinate with the seller and his agent, the lending and agent, the title agent and answer every question I had either himself or by forwarding to others who had the answers and generally guiding the process over the very few minor bumps we encountered.


This was a professional job all around. I highly recommend Coldwell Banker and Richard Rogowski if you are looking for residential properties in the Fort Lauderdale area."


- Jeff Buchanan, Atlanta GA – August 2015

Richard Rogowski