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Wilton Manors Real Estate for SaleWilton Manors has a great deal to offer those relocating to this area of Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Known as the Island City, Wilton Manors nuzzles the two forks of the Middle River and is a refreshing urban commune of pricey, sought-after homes within the boundaries of Sunrise Boulevard and Oakland Park Boulevard, bisected by Andrews Ave. Sunrise Boulevard and Oakland Park Boulevard are busy commercial areas with an assortment of office buildings, restaurants, movie theaters, and chic shopping storefronts.

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Drive through this neighborhood and enjoy some of Florida's best tropical landscape designs by award winning landscape designer, Luis Llenza.

Island City.

Once your car makes the turn into the community of Wilton Manors, it's as if you've made a 360-degree change from city to small-town America. Slightly elevated traffic bumps remind you to slow down. Not only your car, but hey, you're practically at your front door and need to get into your homeowner's mode, leaving work-related worries at bay.

Many residents have become acquainted with assorted colors of paint, and have gussied up their homes, refreshed their landscaping and have changed their boring concrete driveways by adding pavers.

New homes for sale are sprouting up in this section of Fort Lauderdale. The style of some two-story homes replicates Old South antebellum architecture. One-story ranch homes, the rage of the '50s and '60s, are being given facelifts to make them more 21st century-friendly. Antebellum meets the 21st century creates an interesting marriage.

Sometimes it takes a decline to spark a turn-around. That is what has happened in Wilton Manors, which has come a long way in a short time, thanks to the dedication of city officials and local businesses.

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Although condominiums, about 1,000 square feet, are selling for about $350,000 (pre-construction), lofts and larger sized apartments are priced up to a half-million dollars. However, there is more affordable housing located on the edge of town that is available in the $200,000 range. A perceptive real estate agent can help search out the right home at the right price. Although a four-story limit was placed on most buildings there is one, Wilton Tower, that exceeds this limitation with its many floors.

The Island City is small-town friendly with big-city sophistication, according to City Manager, Joseph Gallegos. Within its parameters is Colohatchee Nature Park, an oasis in the desert, that many people do not know is even here.

The makeup of Wilton Manors is intriguing. Gay residents coexist comfortably with straight community residents. There are more city government gay members here than in any body of government in the country. Their dedication to making Wilton Manors more than just a place to live, but also a place to be proud of, certainly is working well.