Tarpon River

Tarpon River Real Estate

Tarpon River is an eclectic neighborhood located on waterfront property. It combines one-third mid-rise (up to five stories) condominiums, one high-rise condominium, and one-third private homes.

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Drive through this neighborhood and enjoy some of Florida's best tropical landscape designs by award winning landscape designer, Luis Llenza.

The neighborhood-oriented area is transitioning from private homes to three-story duplexes. Homes have increased in value and currently asking prices start at about $300,000.

Picturesque and Eclectic . . .

According to Reid Morgan, President/Council of Civic Associations, "Many older homes built in the '40s and '50s which are in the majority - are being brought up to code."

Gardens are kept in prime condition. Hundreds of flowering trees have recently been planted by the Beautification Committee.

Tarpon River is an ideal location for those who work and play in the downtown area and it is an ideal walking and bike-riding community. Picturesque River Walk, on the New River, is within walking distance of Tarpon River. There are restaurants and a very modern Publix Market with undercover parking.

In years past the neighborhood was basically inhabited by DINKS (Double Income, No Kids), but those coming into the area more recently are families with children. There is bussing to nearby schools. Nearby Hardy Park has been upgraded from a four acre park into nine acres. Several houses of worship are located in and around Tarpon River.

Real Estate Agents:           Leida Alicea, Hal Chaikin