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Sailboat Bend, a charming, dog-friendly community is the only historic neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale boasting Cracker style houses compatible with newer townhouses.

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Drive through this neighborhood and enjoy some of Florida's best tropical landscape designs by award winning landscape designer, Luis Llenza.

An old tree canopy of leafy oak trees distinguishes Sailboat Bend from most other neighborhoods, says Nolan Hamm (title), who adds that many landscaped swales add to the beauty of the area.

Historic South Florida Living...

Declared historic in 1990, Sailboat Bend boasts one of the highest rising property values in the city attracting artsy, eclectic neighbor-friendly residents. New to this neighborhood are young people who are in the workforce. Children in strollers are becoming more visible.
Although there are still some residents who have lived here for many years, the demographics continue to show an increase in younger homeowners.

Keeping the ambiance of a small community from being over developed is a challenge. Many want to build in this close- to- downtown- neighborhood. New townhouses must be compatible with the scale of the homes that make this community so interesting.

Most projects must be approved by the Historic Preservation Board to assure that Sailboat Bend keeps its charming environment.

Many nearby restaurants have outdoor seating. Riverfront's environment, within walking distance, attracts weekend visitors without negatively impacting the nearby residential neighborhood. Four minutes from I-95, 10 minutes to the airport and two minutes to a new Publix Market.

Real Estate Agents:           Leida Alicea, Hal Chaikin