Coral Ridge

Coral Ridge Real Estate

One of the great reasons Coral Ridge is such a desirable neighborhood is its proximity to two major shopping centers, the Galleria Mall and Coral Ridge Shopping Center, good restaurants, excellent schools, and nearby houses of worship. It's conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach in beautiful South Florida.

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Drive through this neighborhood and enjoy some of Florida's best tropical landscape designs by award winning landscape designer, Luis Llenza.

Ron Laffey, a member of the Civic Association Board of Governors, describes the availability of shopping as, "fantastic!" He talks the same way about the neighborhood itself, describing it as a cornucopia of residents who come from a variety of areas of the United States, as well as from South America and Europe. "We have a combination of people who have come together as friendly neighbors," he advises. Another plus for living in Coral Ridge is its closeness to the beach. Just a 20 minute walk, and only five minutes if driving.

Timeless Tradition.

Older homes, many of which have been updated with new kitchens, bathrooms, or additional rooms, are on a compatible basis with the new buildings that have risen here. Single family, townhouses, duplexes, and triplexes blend comfortably into the existing area. It's a community of lo-rises with apartment units no higher than three-stories.

Younger people and families are finding their way to this neighborhood because of its location and proximity to an excellent grade school, Bayview Elementary, and the abundance of homes for sale or rent. Looking for luxury living? Check out the Coral Ridge Country Club.

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