Live From Pompano Beach: Rejuvenated Real Estate Can ‘Make It a Beachfront Day’

38: Anywhere in Greater Fort Lauderdale, the allure of the beach is inescapable. The sun, the wind, even the salt spray on their skin, have attracted residents, tourists, seasonal snowbirds, and homebuyers for generations. For those who want to make the Atlantic Ocean part of their daily lives, no city is more inviting - and reasonable - than the rejuvenated Pompano Beach. And Pompano Beach real estate can make it home.

In this video, Gary Lanham, team leader at The Gary Lanham Group at Coldwell Banker Fort Lauderdale Beach Office, discusses Pompano Beach real estate with team administrator and veteran broker associate Eileen Mulkey. Sitting within one of Mulkey’s beautiful corner residence listing – Unit No. 10F at the Ocean Place Condominium on 1900 South Ocean Blvd., in Pompano Beach – the two had a wonderful vista from this condominium tower overlooking the ocean to explore what has made this city the “uncluttered alternative” to other beachfront communities in South Florida - and made investment in its future so special for so long.

In short, they discuss how the right condominium lying amid the commitment to city regeneration and beach rejuvenation like we’re seeing in Pompano Beach – can “Make it a beachfront day.”

Popular Pompano Beach Real Estate

Pompano Beach has been a wildly popular destination for both tourists and residents for generations. Not unlike other real estate in Fort Lauderdale, whether along Las Olas, or nearby in Santa Barbara Shores, the northern stretch of Broward County has something for everyone.

“Wildly” isn’t quite the right word. Pompano Beach has all the charm of other destinations - just not the crowds. As the region grows more popular, a laid-back vibe is an important attribute to consider when buying.

Still, the city is not sitting idly by. As we’ve discussed previously, Pompano Beach is amping up its offerings. The beachfront conditions in the city have led to dramatic beach area rejuvenation and city regeneration that is sparking widespread growth.

Whether investing in a permanent home or a vacation getaway, a property you can rent seasonally, or as a investment central to retirement planning, people have found Pompano Beach ticks many of the boxes for living in the moment and planning for the future.

Set along Florida’s Blue Wave Certified beaches, Pompano Beach has it all - and is creating even more. There’s world-class fishing and remarkable sightseeing from the Pompano Pier. Want to catch a musical act or touring comedian? The Pompano Beach Amphitheater - or “The Amp” - suits almost any taste.

Culinary tastes - from diners to four-star restaurants, many with the water as a backdrop - lure patrons from across the region.

Amid it all, the city has invested in its beachfront with parks and playgrounds, parking structures, new pedestrian areas, art installations, and attractions to make this a 360-degree experience.

The Rejuvenated Properties of Pompano Beach

Then, there are the rejuvenated properties. Those who want “condos on the sand” just steps from the beach are finding newly built and recently refreshed residences. The city truly is a coastal gem. Like other towns along the county’s 43 miles of beachfront, the coastal beachfront continues to bring new and revitalized properties to the market.

Which brings us back to this unit where Eileen and Gary shot this video. As a broker associate and forensic Fannie Mae appraiser skilled at evaluating the work of other appraisers, Eileen knows what makes a property like this one part of that “Make it a beachfront day” spirit.

Nestled at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and S.R. A1A, this building is at the nexus of the town’s and area’s rejuvenation. All those restaurants, entertainment venues, even those family parks and playgrounds, the updated pier and new parking garage put this building at the center of it all.

City officials and administrators saw something in Pompano Beach that made the city keen to invest – and reinvest – in its coastal infrastructure. Seeking a wholesale beach area rejuvenation initiative, the community redevelopment program invested millions in the pedestrian and tourist offerings. The result is city regeneration and beach regeneration that has touched the entire community.

Next, business owners took note. Developers and investors moved in. Retailers and restaurants rose. As the Gary Lanham Group grew in stature in the area, Coldwell Banker made a wise investment in partnering with our group to bring on the area’s strongest real estate team - and give to us and our clients the power of the Coldwell Banker tools and name.

What we’ve all seen was how these investments have paid off. For the city, the pedestrian infrastructure, pier, and parking garage and lots are generating traffic and millions of dollars in revenues. Much of this money is being reinvested back into the city’s offerings.

As they say, all this investment spurred interest - and the city was off to the races with renewed interest from tourists and residential Pompano Beach real estate buyers alike.

The Uncluttered, Rejuvenated Beachfront Coast

Today, we see so many people wanting to live here. As other areas grew increasingly popular and were overwhelmed with tourists and seasonal residents, Pompano Beach retained its charm by remaining an overlooked getaway. Just drive along South Beach or even Fort Lauderdale beach during peak season. It can be a bumper-to-bumper hassle certain to strain your senses and stress your patience.

Then, head north a few miles to Pompano Beach. In fact, many have. Not too many, mind you, which keeps this coastal town within reason in both real estate costs and allure. We see a lot of people wanting to live here.

Whether you’re an early bird seeking the sunrise, or a late-comer who likes the beach as the sun sets behind you, as the days grow longer and it stays lighter later, people are loving it. They’re heading to Pompano Beach for dinner, a stroll, or just to take in all that beachfront life has to offer.

One Condo, Many Stories to Tell

In fact, the condo from which Gary and Eileen shot this video tells a robust tale of why people are not just buying Pompano Beach real estate. They’re investing here. With her background as an appraiser, Eileen outlined amenities that are second to none. With a beautiful pool and patio, owners can host guests, even throw small parties for close friends.

The onsite gym serves the physically fit - that is, when not enjoying a brisk walk along the beach. The 24-hour concierge gives the property a resort feel, even though it’s all condominium.

Whether the buyer seeks to become an owner-occupant, or rent the property seasonally as a way to recoup such expenses as maintenance, taxes, and insurance, this residence can become the crown jewel to a future retirement plan.

Just One Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Asset

Any discussion of Pompano Beach real estate must consider the whole of greater Fort Lauderdale. The county is truly a tropical getaway in the sun, regardless of whether you live on or a walk from the beach. Cities and neighborhoods like Lake Ridge, Wilton Manors,  Coral Ridge, Imperial Point, Coral Ridge Isles, and Oakland Park each bring their unique flair to South Florida living. As we’ve said before, we may be called the Gary Lanham Group at Coldwell Banker Fort Lauderdale Beach Office. But we serve so much more.

From The Corals of Oakland Park, North Andrews Gardens, or Bay Colony, to Las Olas and Pompano Beach, The Gary Lanham Group at Coldwell Banker Fort Lauderdale Beach Office has placed excited new homeowners in every corner of the county.

That’s because we know this region - and the people who are buying here. Whether they’re calling it home, making it their seasonal getaway, or using their beachfront condo an investment opportunity, we’re helping millennials and baby boomers from across South Florida, the Northeast, and even Canada, Latin America, and Europe find the right property. Regardless of its role as a home or an investment, these properties become an “asset” to be enjoyed and appreciated, now and in the future.

And if you’re one of those international or Canadian investors, even the strength of the U.S. dollar and economy can benefit your long-term plans as real estate values here continue to rise.

If you’re domestic or international, if you speak English, French, Spanish, or even Portuguese, the multilingual team at the Gary Lanham Group can open doors to help you see the potential of South Florida real estate from single family, duplex, or triplex residences - to beachfront condominiums.

Discover why Pompano Beach and other coastal communities in Greater Fort Lauderdale are experiencing beach area rejuvenation and city regeneration. As a result, they’ve created ideal “live, play, and invest” opportunities. Just give Gary or Eileen a call. We’re ready to help you “Make it a beachfront day.”

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