Artificial Intelligence & Your Fort Lauderdale Home

This is the fourth of four blogs from Gary Lanham Group at Coldwell Banker Fort Lauderdale Beach Office on home-buying trends among Baby Boomers. Click below to see Gary share his insightful thoughts on Artificial Intelligence now! Or click here to see the complete library in this series.

Baby Boomers have watched as homes across Fort Lauderdale have undergone a transformation. As we’ve explored in this series, one-story “ranch style” homes built from the 1950s to the ’70s remain timeless gems, even as new buyers build multi-story waterfront estates. Whether expansive or quaint, however, as a Broward County Realtor I’ve witnessed how improvements to windows and landscaping can improve interior lighting for our aging eyes to brighten the home and spirits.

Last time, we discussed how boomers have evolved from needing a 12-year-old to program the blinking “12:00” on the VCR to embracing modern technology that’s automating our homes. From Oakland Park to Boca Raton to Bay Colony, homes truly are becoming modern marvels.

What we’ve already discussed have been tangible, physical changes that serve our station in life. But it’s the current digital transformation that’s truly changing how baby boomers live, work, and play in their South Florida homes.

It’s called Artificial Intelligence. And it promises to change our worlds.

Boomers, Artificial Intelligence, and Your South Florida Home

They say the pace of change is unrelenting. Moore’s Law, an axiom common to those in the technology field, says that computing size shrinks and its power and speed double every two years. Seeing first-hand what’s occurring in technology today, I’d say it’s even faster than that.

This brings us to our final blog in this series on trends affecting Baby Boomers: How artificial intelligence will further accelerate the pace of change and improve our living experience.

We wrote already about how smart refrigerators and medicine cabinets can tell when products or prescriptions are running low and – if programmed to do so – reorder them via their always-on Internet connection.

But what else will AI do? Walk into the house, and your smart audio/video system can turn on the lights and queue up your favorite playlist from Spotify, iTunes, or another streaming service.

The home is comfortable because AI anticipated your arrival and set the AC to your preferred temperature. You feel secure because the system lowered the shades and locked the door and reset the alarm behind you.

Moving forward, AI will alert us to our needs. It will recognize our “normal” patterns of home life, and alert us when there’s an irregular pattern – like the alarm was disabled unexpectedly or motion detectors sensed someone on the property.

AI will be our eyes and ears to notify us when something unusual occurs.

AI is the “Fourth Generation” of home automation. And it’s the most exciting of all.

AI Taps Tech Already in the Home

AI isn’t a euphemism for “expensive.” In fact, you’ve probably already purchased or are paying for most of its elements. You might be reading this blog on your smartphone or tablet. What modern home doesn’t have broadband Internet and Wi-Fi throughout? If you have a smart speaker like an Amazon Alexa or Dot, Google Home, or Apple’s HomePod, even Sonos whole-home entertainment systems, you know how easy it is to interact with technology.

Additional devices, like lighting, window shades, even smart AC controls are available and inexpensive today; they will become standard features in homes in the years – maybe months – ahead.

And as boomers, we’ll be there – adopting, adapting, and welcoming this technology into our homes and daily lives. We already are, because we’re eager to embrace The New. As a boomer, I’m a life-long learner. Technology opens wide new vistas, keeping me and my brain on the edge of discovery – even as my generation fears the perils of age, including – for some, especially – memory loss.

AI and the World Wide Web can help there, too. They give us a newfound glimpse into wonderment, helping spur our memory with books, articles, even games that encourage the vitality of engaged living.

Tucked right in that 54-to-72 age bracket, I realize there’s never been a better time to be alive.

Boomers - and the Embrace of Tomorrow

And as Baby Boomers, there’s no better place to savor these moments than from homes and lives ideally suited to our tastes and needs. In this series, we’ve discussed how downsizing baby boomers can stay in the right-sized home, or move into a new home built with our coming golden years in mind.

Throughout it all, technology will be at our side, handling some of life’s rote chores, offering simple pleasures like the right song or hue of light as we open the door, and helping create the nest we will call home for years to come.

I love talking about that intersection between life and technology in South Florida and I appreciate that you took the time as I shared my thoughts. If you have ideas for future blogs or videos, or you’d just like to chat about the wonder of tomorrow, give me a call. My cell phone number is below.

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