4 Steps to Boost Your Fort Lauderdale Home’s Curb Appeal

This is the second of five blogs from The Lanham Group on preparing and showing your Fort Lauderdale home to win over a prospective buyer. Here, Gary Lanham speaks about how to boost the curb appeal of your residence. Click below to see the second video in the series. To see the entire library, go to: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3MT2yTdw4YS0MofVaxw71PmFVZlMr_S7.

Fort Lauderdale is known the world over for its beautiful homes. Lush foliage, bright colors, timeless – and modern – designs catch the eye and capture the imagination. Taken together, these features comprise what’s realtors call “curb appeal,” or the attraction a home presents to passersby and real estate agents representing prospective home buyers. If you’re listing your South Florida home, how would you rate its curb appeal?

Whether you list your home in the community of  Coral Ridge Country Club, Imperial Point, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, north to Boca Raton or south to Fort Lauderdale beach, curb appeal is critical. Poorly maintained, it discourages potential buyers, detracts from your home’s value, and diminishes neighborhood appeal. Well maintained, curb appeal elevates your home’s salability – even spurs people’s memories amid the competitive landscape of For Sale signs.

Improving Curb Appeal for Your Residence.

These four steps will help tidy up your home and enhance its curb appeal...

Fill in thin foliage.

In South Florida, there’s no excuse for lackluster landscaping. With ample rain and sunshine, all you have to add is foliage (and fertilizer). If you anticipate selling your home, however, plant young foliage at least six months before listing to ensure immature plants grow thick and full.

Paint your door.

Your front door is your welcome sign. It’s also prone to abuse from use. Give it, and the door frame, a fresh coat of paint. If it’s white, consider painting it a bright, inviting – and tasteful – color. Ditto for the porch and mailbox. They will visually pop from the curb and become a recall hack for passersby and prospective buyers, who will remember “that house with the lime green door.”

Clean up debris.

Trim tree limbs, remove palm fronds, replace roof tiles or stack spares, and manage other detritus that tends to grow thick or accumulate. Seen by first-time visitors, they might leave the wrong – and lasting – impression.

Don’t host a parking lot.

Imagine your driveway has room for six vehicles parked tightly. A common mistake when showing a residence is to have the driveway full of vehicles. Instead, make arrangements when showing to park vehicles elsewhere.

Tidying up around your home not only should be considered routine “maintenance” that helps keep your home attractive, regardless of whether you’re listing it. It helps buyers realize there's something really special behind that attractive door.

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