3 Steps to Show Your Fort Lauderdale Home Like It’s Already Sold

This is the fourth of five blogs from The Gary Lanham Group on preparing to show your Fort Lauderdale home to win over a prospective buyer. Click below to see the video! To view the entire library, click here!

Showing your Fort Lauderdale home? Maybe you should treat it like you’ve already sold it. Buyers try to envision their lives in the homes they tour. For sellers, that means some decluttering and sprucing up are in order. We recently blogged about tidying your home’s curb appeal. But what about inside?

Whether in Imperial Point, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, or anywhere in greater Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, our homes reflect our lives. Photographs line the walls and a lifetime of mementos dot every open space. If you’re serious about selling, start the decluttering early and help potential buyers see the possibilities.

Along with cleaning, dusting, and tidying shelves, ceiling fan blades, and corners often overlooked by your housekeeper, give your home some serious attention, like...

Depersonalize and organize.

Those family photos, pet pictures, and mementos from your trip to the Grand Canyon won’t play your buyers’ heartstrings like they do yours. If it’s not generic, take it down and pack it up. Depersonalize your space to help them envision their lives there. After all, you’re going to move out eventually. Might as well start packing.


Make repairs.

Those burned out lightbulbs, broken outlets, or torn screens you’ve ignored for years, fix them. Those rooms you painted back in the 1990s? Give them a fresh coat. It’s not time for bright colors that appeal to your tastes. Go neutral, off white, or light gray. This will help buyers visualize their furniture living in your property.


Invest in upgrades.

How old are your kitchen appliances? Are they blemished, scratched, or dented, or avocado or harvest gold relics that are decades old? If you have the budget, consider replacing them. Even gently-used models will do.

With a few simple improvements and low-cost investments, you can help prospective buyers say to themselves, “I can see myself happy in this house.” Better yet, they may say to you, “It’s a deal.”

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