Fort Lauderdale Homes: Condos/Townhomes

Some of the Highest Demand Fort Lauderdale Homes Today are Condos and Townhomes

Should you consider a condo or townhome when perusing the listings for Fort Lauderdale homes? That depends on a number of factors:

  • If you have pets, you will find some properties are accommodating, and others are not.
  • If you really don't like yard work, they can be the perfect solution.
  • It is important to understand the unique aspects of condos and townhomes when it comes to taxes and association fees.
  • Since you only own the interior of the property, you never have to be concerned with exterior maintenance or painting, roof problems, and water supply/drainage issues.

Because you are not purchasing land and its associated headaches, typically a condo or townhome is less expensive than comparably sized single-family detached Fort Lauderdale homes. In general, single family homes run 25-30% higher for similar square footage.

Another factor that may be either a plus or minus is the community aspect. Condos and townhomes tend to foster more contact with neighbors due to the proximity. Some associations are quite active with organized events and activities, while others have a tendency to leave everyone to themselves. There are usually fewer families in these communities, which may be a concern if you have young children.

Check out all available Fort Lauderdale homes within the condos and townhomes categories here.

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