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Just like any other activity, those who take the time to search properly for Fort Lauderdale apartments, homes, or condos to rent are the ones who aren't regretting their decision three months later. Here are some tips to make sure you have a successful search:

  1. Establish A Budget - A good place to begin is by making sure that your rent is no more than 30% of monthly income. You will find that many landlords will stipulate that as a condition built into the lease. Keep in mind that different properties have different expenses. Some cover cable and internet, while others may provide some or all utilities.
  2. Know What Features You Need - Before you begin your search, take the time to brainstorm features. Make a list of the ones you consider to be important, such as a garage or carport, for example, versus the ones you could live without, such as a pool. Is a ground floor unit vital or would you welcome the additional exercise of taking stairways?
  3. Plan Your Day - If possible, spend a night or two in a nearby motel to get a good feel for the area. If your job requires a commute, don't just accept the advice of others, make that commute at rush hour yourself. If you work from home, are some of the services you might need such as a copy shop located nearby? Spend as much time as possible near the property to get a feel for the neighborhood, proximity to schools, and availability of public transportation.
  4. Determine The Type Of Residence - People often begin to look for Fort Lauderdale apartments only to discover that a house is available for a similar monthly rate. If you have a large dog, you will be looking for a house or other pet-friendly rentals. If you have kids, take the time to notice whether there are many other children in the complex or neighborhood.
  5. Prepare For The Approval Process - Expect a background check to confirm employment and other eligibility requirements. The landlord will present a lease with all of the terms and conditions spelled out. This is not the time to be shy! If there is some element of the lease that you do not agree with, ask the landlord if they are willing to modify the language.

If you are in the market for Fort Lauderdale apartments or any other rental property, we have separated pet-friendly properties for your convenience:

fort lauderdale apartments
fort lauderdale apartments